[Tkinter-discuss] tkinter on android?

Mark Lutz lutz at rmi.net
Fri Sep 26 20:45:49 CEST 2014

Has there been any work on porting tkinter to Android
yet?  The usual searches come up empty, but the following
looks like a promising development in the Tcl/Tk front:


and there may be a few usable Python 2.X and 3.X Android 
ports to build on ("Python for Android" search results
turn up SL4A, QPython, and others).

This may or may not be feasible, but there are a lot of 
tkinter GUIs which would be great to have on an Android 
device; personally, I have tkinter-based text editors, 
clocks, email clients, calculators, and now calendars 
that see daily action elsewhere.

--Mark Lutz  (http://learning-python.com, http://www.rmi.net/~lutz)

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