[Tkinter-discuss] Help/advice needed for Tkinter related JyNI issue

Stefan Richthofer Stefan.Richthofer at gmx.de
Tue Apr 5 13:31:22 EDT 2016

Hello everybody,

I am the author of the JyNI-project (www.jyni.org) which aims to support native CPython extensions in Jython.
Some basic Tkinter stuff is known to work with JyNI on Linux, but unfortunately hangs on OSX:
In this thread we collected everything we know about this issue so far.
The issue is rather strange in the sense that the sample works well on Linux, while it hangs on OSX. Briefly speaking, on OSX TCL/TK does not produce a particular event the loop is waiting for and does not display the window. However logging suggests that calls to TCL/TK API are identical between Linux and OSX runs, so we are really stuck here in finding out what is different on Linux (our current logging does not cover function argument values though).
I think there must be something subtle JyNI is doing wrong and that only manifests on OSX. (Running with CPython the sample succeeds on that system.)
Any advise how I can find the reason for the missing event would be helpful. My usual divide and conquer debugging approach struggles here because I don't know enough about TCL/TK to trace the cause for the issue through its API. Is there something like an internal log of TCL accessible? Or a way to see the events processed by TCL_DoOneEvent?

Thanks in advance for any helpful hint.


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