[Tkinter-discuss] Putting a Smartphone veneer over a tkinter user interface

inq1Ltd inq1Ltd at inqvista.com
Thu Dec 22 14:44:16 EST 2016

On Wednesday, December 21, 2016 03:12:52 PM Alan L 
Dickman wrote:
> Has anyone out there wrapped a smartphone image 
around a tkinter user
> interface? If you did, how did you do it. If not, please 
share your ideas
> for how one might do this. THANKS IN ADVANCE! 
>  Alan Dickman
> IBM Cloud Technical Sales Specialist, Process 
> North America Public Sector
> Phone: 1-303-324-9353, 1-303-886-2744
> email: adickman at us.ibm.com
> LinkedIn: alandickman

What are the extensions of the images you are asking 
about?  Some smart phone images I receive are jpg. 

If you go to my website, inqvista.com, and scroll thru the 
Image Management Link you can see a few images that 
are png's but others are available for tkinter,

for inqVista

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