[Tkinter-discuss] Add text to desktop

Hexamorph hexamorph at gmx.net
Thu May 26 01:25:26 EDT 2016

Am 26.05.2016 um 04:23 schrieb Kevin Walzer:
> On 5/25/16 7:31 PM, Dudi Goldenberg wrote:
>> Is there another method/module/anything that makes this possible??
> Your previous question asked if there was a way to do this without
> windows--that is absurd since drawing in and displaying windows is
> all Tkinter does.
> There may be ways to display text in the manner you describe in a
> borderless window, but as far as doing so without a window, no.

I basically see five options which I know work on Linux, don't know 
about Windows or Mac.

1. Display text in a transparent borderless window such as a 
terminal emulator. Terminator can do this.
2. Use a tool such as root-tail to display text on the "root window" 
while using a window manager such as Fvwm which doesn't cover the 
root window (most WMs these days cover it)
3. Use a tool such as ImageMagick to manipulate the background image 
file (add text to it) and redisplay it. This will probably work on 
Windows too but it will be very slow.
4. Write an extension/addon for your window manager or desktop 
manager that displays text on the background. This massively depends 
on the WM you use.
5. Write something like root-tail yourself, but let it write on the 
desktop manager's background window instead of the root window. 
Finding the correct window in the window hierarchy is tricky tough 
(refer to newer versions of XSnow). Tkinter is likely not going to 
help you with this, but the XLib package can probably do this (but I 
haven't checked)

Notice, that in most of these ways (except 3.) there actually *is* a 
window created, albeit a transparent one which still "covers" what's 
behind it and thus will intercept mouse clicks in its area.

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