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Dudi Goldenberg dudi at kolcore.com
Thu May 26 01:32:50 EDT 2016

Hi Kevin and Hexamorph,

I understand your point.

The choice of Python was done for its good and easy support for my hardware (BeagleBone Black).

While the project functionality is complete, I am now facing the need to display small amount (3-5 strings) on the desktop as I explained in previous posts.

During my tests using many examples for various sources, I had the text displayed in a borderless/title-less window, if only I could make the background transparent, I could use this.

If there is no solution using Python - I'll search for a solution to this in any other language and incorporate it in my Python source.

I just got Hexamorph's reply - I'm off to dig into the option, I am on Debian 7 with openbox WM.

Thanks & Regards,


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On 5/25/16 7:31 PM, Dudi Goldenberg wrote:
Is there another method/module/anything that makes this possible??

Your previous question asked if there was a way to do this without windows--that is absurd since drawing in and displaying windows is all Tkinter does.

There may be ways to display text in the manner you describe in a borderless window, but as far as doing so without a window, no.


Kevin Walzer

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