[Tkinter-discuss] Add text to desktop

Hexamorph hexamorph at gmx.net
Thu May 26 03:34:09 EDT 2016

Am 26.05.2016 um 07:32 schrieb Dudi Goldenberg:
> Hi Kevin and Hexamorph,
> I understand your point.
> The choice of Python was done for its good and easy support for my hardware (BeagleBone Black).
> While the project functionality is complete, I am now facing the need to display small amount (3-5 strings) on the desktop as I explained in previous posts.
> During my tests using many examples for various sources, I had the text displayed in a borderless/title-less window, if only I could make the background transparent, I could use this.
> If there is no solution using Python - I'll search for a solution to this in any other language and incorporate it in my Python source.
> I just got Hexamorph's reply - I'm off to dig into the option, I am on Debian 7 with openbox WM.
> Thanks & Regards,
> D.

Luckily OpenBox is one of those WMs which don't cover the root 
window, so root-tail will work. You should be able to find it in the 
Debian repos or at:

I don't know how feature-complete python-xlib is, but you probably 
can reimplement root-tail with it. python-xlib should also be in the 
repos or at:

The easiest method would be to simply display your text in a 
terminal window which supports transparency, but notice, that there 
are two types of it. Terminal emulators such as rxvt support only 
pseudo-transparency. They simply take the desktop background image, 
crop the area they cover out of it and display it as their window 
background, so while the desktop background shows through, any 
windows or widgets under the terminal will be covered. The other 
form is true alpha-channel transparency which terminal emulators 
such as Terminator support, but for this they need a compositor 
running such as xcompmgr, compiz or a modern WM such as Gnome, KDE, 
etc. Running a compositor requires an accelerated graphics driver. I 
don't know if the BeagleBone supports this.

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