[Tkinter-discuss] tcl/tk's syntax to python's syntax

Michael Lange klappnase at web.de
Mon Oct 23 05:27:19 EDT 2017


On Sun, 22 Oct 2017 21:11:48 +0000
adil gourinda <rikudou__sennin at live.com> wrote:

> With the aim to make translation of tcl/tk's syntax to python's syntax
> more easy I made this flowchart and I ask you to check it.
> Thanks for your help😊

I think the translation of the Tk pathName is problematic. One thing that
might come closer could be

	".parentWidget.childWidget" -> "Instance"
	".parentWidget" -> "parentWidget"

But strictly speaking I think this is not correct either. If the Tk root
window is the parent, parentWidget is only "." . If a Frame ".f" is the
parent, parent widget *is* ".f" in Tk,and a Button widget "b" that is a
child of ".f" in Tk *is* ".f.b". Of course considering this the chart
might look a bit pointless, like
	"parentWidget" -> "parentWidget"

Actually the widgets' names (as "b" and "f" in the above example) go to
the widget's "name" option in Python, which is hardly ever used though
(in Tkinter we usually let Python assign the widget names automatically
which leads to something that looks like ".1234567890.1234567891" instead
of ".f.b").

I hope this makes some sense, and maybe one of the Tk experts here can
provide a better explanation.

Best regards


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