[Tkinter-discuss] Contribution to Tkinter's Documentation

adil gourinda rikudou__sennin at live.com
Mon Jan 1 11:59:34 EST 2018

I)Installation's problem:
I don't know on which platform you are working on it, but:
-if you are working on windows, it is better to download python from their officiel website:
-if you are working on linux, Python is preinstalled by default on the majority of disributions.
II) Syntax's problem:
If the installation is well done, then the problem may be your code's example, share it so the community can help you.

I am a simple Tkinter's user like you

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adil gourinda:
> which parts of Tkinter you find difficult to understand ?

well I kinda struggle with setup tools and such things. usually it all breaks down before I can even launch a tk app.

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