[Tkinter-discuss] Mapping Tcl's arguments to Python's arguments

adil gourinda rikudou__sennin at outlook.com
Wed Jan 3 16:42:47 EST 2018

Please can someone illuminate the differences between Tcl's arguments and Python's arguments?

After reading a little about tcl/Tk I found that the arguments are written in the forms:
1) -option (the option's name alone is an argument)
2) -option value (with description of value's type)
3) value (only the value's description exists, no "-option")
4) ?expression?

Python opponents:
1) option=Boolean_Value
2) "*,option=value", keyword-only argument (but value is the default argument, not its nature)
3) is positional argument and the value's name is passed to option's name.
4) can you explain the difference between function(option1=value [,option2])

*2)+3) are grouped in positional-keyword argument

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