[Tkinter-discuss] Anaconda

bob bob at greschke.com
Wed Jan 23 16:02:44 EST 2019

I have Anaconda 3 with Python 2 and 3 environments on a MacBook running High Sierra.
One section of a program creates rectangles on a canvas (plotting GPS data points). Binding <Button-1> to a rectangle works fine (displays info about the point when clicked), but binding to <Button-3> doesn't work (it should "zap" the point out of the list and redraw the plot). The function for zapping never gets called, and there's no errors in the Terminal/xterm. It doesn't work with the Python 2 or 3 environment. Tcl/Tk versions are 8.6/8.6 in both environments. Shift-clicking, control-clicking, shift-control-clicking on the canvas or created items seems fine. Just this <Button-3> deal doesn't.

The same code runs fine in an Anaconda Python 3 environment in CentOS (using VMWare).
A Python package we make for our programs on the Mac (and one for Linux) with Python 2.7.9 Tcl/Tk 8.6/8.6 which starts XQuartz on a Mac when we start a Tkinter program is fine (it's what some are trying to replace with this whole Anaconda stuff).
Python 3 on Win10 works fine.

There is some old chatter about anaconda/conda Tkinter not being great on Macs on the net, but I've never seen a solution to get Anaconda to use a different Tcl/Tk library. The Anaconda Tkinter looks like junk. Apple's Tcl/Tk/Tkinter has never worked/looked well.

Anyone seen this <Button-3> business? Any ideas? Thanks!


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