[Tkinter-discuss] Running tkinter from MacOS Automator

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Aug 19 19:11:39 EDT 2022

On 03/05/2022 02:00, Kevin Walzer wrote:
> On 4/29/22 8:54 AM, Alan Gauld via Tkinter-discuss wrote:
>> When I click it my app starts OK but the UI is all in black apart
>> from the buttons and scrollbars. Everything works ok (buttons,
>> menus etc) except I can't see anything on the GUI because of the black.
> Sounds like you are connecting to the system Python and the ancient 
> version of Tk (8.5) that ships with macOS and is seriously broken. I 
> assume your installation of Python connects with something more modern 
> (8.6.12 is the current version). You may want to check your path in the 
> automator script to make sure you are using the correction version of 
> Python.

Sorry for the very late response on this but after
a reboot one day it all just started working so I
stopped thinking about it - including checking
replies here.

Apologies, that was rude of me.

It may well have been some kind of path issue that
the reboot reset. Anyways, it has been working flawlessly
for many months now.

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