[Tkinter-discuss] 4k HiDPI displays and tkinter [cont]

Vasilis Vlachoudis Vasilis.Vlachoudis at cern.ch
Thu Mar 17 05:47:16 EDT 2022

Hi Michael,

no I am using the default fonts.
What is different is the I have set a high DPI for the X-server to match the screen resolution.

I saw in the page

under "Styling Options'
there is parameter to set the -rowheight
that needs to be defined as

ttk::style configure Treeview \
     -rowheight [expr {[font metrics font -linespace] + 2}]

however I could not find how to call this command, and when
If I do the following

style = ttk.Style()
style.configure("Treeview", rowheight="30")

it works, but it is not dynamic with the font size/dpi

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On Wed, 16 Mar 2022 16:16:36 +0000
Vasilis Vlachoudis <Vasilis.Vlachoudis at cern.ch> wrote:

> On the same topic of HiDPI screens, the Treeview seems to calculate
> wrongly the font height (see attach image)
> Do you know any way to correct that?

are you possibly using a point-sized font? If yes, maybe there is some
dpi issue again?



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