[Tracker-discuss] Weekly summary progress report

Paul Dubois pfdubois at gmail.com
Mon Dec 4 06:48:35 CET 2006

> Your target is to reproduce that report using Roundup and mail it out.
> If it can be done without using email as an input, that would probably
> be more reliable and require less ongoing maintenance.

So far: can make multipart reports and mail them. Or, just make a text
report and print it. Have not yet separated bug/patch/rfe because they
are still deciding how to set up the schema, but that is a very small
change. I refer below to status -- the status is the open/closed/other
states stuff. They haven't yet completely decided what these are.

I can further break down the stats for the open issues by status. I
can show the current status of the created and reopened issues, can
filter out unwanted statuses or priorities, and can do the report for
any date interval. It works off the database, not the email, and so
there is no need for any retained files between one report and the

So, while I haven't exactly duplicated your report it is functionally
equivalent, and I'll be able to duplicate your report quickly when
things settle down.

We can also provide some data not easily possible with the old script,
such as a list of the top ten most discussed issues in the period.
That was the source of my question about your 'real' goal -- I know
that every existing tool is a consequence of its technology and not
necessarily what someone wanted, or perhaps not all of what they
wanted. In any case, we can save enhancements for later.

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