[Tracker-discuss] Fwd: [Python-checkins] r52987 - tracker/instances/python-dev/initial_data.py

Neal Norwitz nnorwitz at gmail.com
Mon Dec 11 01:15:09 CET 2006

Eric, I think I'd get rid of some of these:

+component.create(name="Interpreter Core", order="8")


+component.create(name="Parser/Compiler", order="11")
+component.create(name="Performance", order="12")
+component.create(name="Threads", order="15")
+component.create(name="Type/class unification", order="17")

   These four can be mappend to Interpreter Core.  I don't think there
are many open bugs in the first 3.  For type/class unification, I
don't think we use it at all any more and I don't think it matters for
the old bugs.

I forget if Martin had suggested mapping Distutils to installation or not?


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