[Tracker-discuss] Fwd: Summary of Tracker Issues

Kurt B. Kaiser kbk at shore.net
Tue Dec 12 02:27:24 CET 2006

"Paul Dubois" <pfdubois at gmail.com> writes:

> Perhaps I didn't explain clearly enough but I do have a text version
> that is the same as the one you had before. When sending it by email I
> send both as a multipart so if you are not viewing your mail with html
> you should see the text one. When we are ready to deploy you can
> decide if you want just text, just html, or both.

I understood you with no problem.  And I saw the text version in the
mail that followed this thread.  It worked fine, but it was a little

It was Neal who questioned whether we need to continue to send the text
multipart, if I understood what he said correctly.  I'm requesting that
we continue to send it.  There are many who prefer ascii email clients
like pine.  Personally, I use an xterm to ssh into a box running gnus;
that box doesn't have to run an X client.

> The tables are driven off of some specifiers as to field titles,
> contents, and widths so it is trivial to adjust.

I'm only talking about the width of the text version.  72 columns is
standard, mostly to allow for quoting in clients that can't reformat.
For the html version, you should do what you want to make it look good.
I can always hit Opera's '-' key :-)

> For the html table I plan to have the title be the link, I think, so
> the length of the URL does not matter. 

Good idea!

> The report gets the URL from the Roundup configuration so when that
> changes to a python.org alias the report will change too.
> Next time I make an improvement I'll send you just the text.

How would you know which a user wants?  I just tell gnus to display text
in preference to html.  It displays 'buttons' for both.  If there is
no text multipart, it will display html, but that's not preferred for
me.  I didn't even see the html version until I switched it on.  So
send me both.

You've made excellent progress on this, by the way.


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