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Paul Dubois pfdubois at gmail.com
Wed Nov 1 17:01:42 CET 2006

1. I strongly suggest the vendor-branch method I mentioned before. That
would mean that in this case you create a 'vendor' branch consisting of the
version of Roundup that you modified to make the prototype. Then branch it
to 'ours'. Submit the prototype as a change to 'ours'. Then we can start
modifying it as needed.

If we don't do this extra step, when a new Roundup comes out we have an
awful job putting those changes into 'ours'. But with this scheme, we check
the new Roundup into 'vendor' and integrate to 'ours' and let the
source-code management tools for resolving conflicts be our friend.

It is possible that this is what you meant but I want to be sure. I did not
do this when I first used Roundup and at the time Richard had no suggestion
for me as to how to solve the problem. I paid a big price. But this scheme
really does the trick.

2. On the existing metatracker I noted a couple of bugs for the data
migration. Are these something we need to work on?

3. Perhaps everybody but me knows, but what method of deployment are we
going to use? I have only done the stand-alone server running behind Apache
with a proxy-pass, and I don't know the pros and cons of the various

On 11/1/06, Stefan Seefeld <seefeld at sympatico.ca> wrote:
> Paul Dubois wrote:
> > OK I'm on board on this. Subversion on python.org, separate tracker
> > instance.
> >
> > I'd like to hear what had to be done for the 'contest-winning'
> prototype,
> > and what the feedback was on it. Can we just put that one up? How did
> the
> > data get migrated?
> The tracker instance contains a custom schema, and custom html templates.
> Data were imported with a script Erik wrote that extracted the content
> from the sf.net tracker.
> What I think we should do is this:
> * get our meta-tracker up and running
> * set up a subversion module for the tracker, and import the existing
>   prototype
> * set up the 'real' tracker instance based on the prototype, and create
>   accounts for us admins, as well as reviewers for experimentation; allow
>   us to reinitialize it as we make changes to the schema
> * ask the various reviewers of the prototype to provide us a shopping list
>   of things to enhance, or, better yet, let them participate in the
> discussions
>   in the meta-tracker
> * enhance the tracker incrementally, until everybody is satisfied
> * do a final import of the data from sf.net, and do the final switch
> Does this sound like a plan ?
> Regards,
>                 Stefan
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