[Tracker-discuss] Getting Started

Stefan Seefeld seefeld at sympatico.ca
Wed Nov 1 19:15:01 CET 2006

Paul Dubois wrote:

> Truth be told I have only once had to modify the runtime. However, like
> most
> people I started with some instance of the classic template, and modified
> it, and there are LOTS of times where new roundup releases have changes to
> the classic template, often required to match the runtime. But unless you
> use source code control, you don't know what they are.

I don't think any changes to the runtime requires changes on the templates.
At least, that hasn't happened for a long time, as roundup grew more and
more stable. What happens, of course, is that the vanilla templates themselves
get more sophisticated over time.
However, as I expect us moving away from these default templates rather quickly,
I'm not sure merging in new features is the most efficient way to enhance our

> If you started with the demo tracker you started with a slightly modified
> version of 'classic'.
> I'm suggesting that it is this classic template we need to start with so
> that when new versions of it come out we're ok. I think in principle one
> should track the release runtime too but it probably isn't necessary.

I think we should start with the tracker instance we already have (which Erik
put together for the prototype, and to which I contributed some template
enhancements). There is no reason to start over again, in particular, as
criticism and enhancement requests were made based on that instance.



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