[Tracker-discuss] Roundup installed

Erik Forsberg forsberg at efod.se
Sat Nov 11 10:38:08 CET 2006

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Stefan Seefeld <seefeld at sympatico.ca> writes:

> Izak Burger wrote:
>> One other thing that isn't clear to me.  With the mod_python example in 
>> the documentation (I added a rewrite rule to redirect to /roundup/) 
>> there is no way to get an index page, ie a list of the hosted trackers. 
>>   The builtin server does this if you have more than one tracker and 
>> don't specify a specific one.  How would you make a mod_python setup do 
>> the same?  Or should we simply use a static index page that needs 
>> updating whenever a new tracker is added?
> Yes. While it may be convenient to have some toplevel page display
> all tracker instances served on the given URL, I think we don't really
> want to use this feature. If at some point there are multiple trackers
> served at the same access point, we most certainly want to hand-write
> an index page with helpful information to let users find their way.

I agree. There is also the matter of test trackers - we might have one
or two of them up, without listing them on the frontpage. 

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