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Erik Forsberg forsberg at efod.se
Sat Nov 11 22:50:54 CET 2006

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"Paul Dubois" <pfdubois at gmail.com> writes:

> I apparently was not clear. I'm not suggesting some sort of fancy mechanism
> to manage the triage list inside Roundup. (Triage list being my term for the
> set of people who get notified of new issues.)
> Obviously, the triage list can just be a normal mailing list; and the
> suggestion that we have two, one for 'new issues' and one for 'everything',
> is fine too. I can't believe anybody wants to read every message about every
> issue, even if in digest form, but there is no problem sending it if that is
> what they want.
> Again, I'm just saying that nosy lists are Roundup's most powerful and
> effective feature, and I believe that most people who get used to nosy lists
> are not going to want to be on the 'everything' list any more. When we
> present the tracker to the community we will want to make clear the new mode
> of operation that nosy lists make possible.

One idea that came to my mind is to extend the user class to include a
Multilink to keyword containing the list of keywords where the user
wants to be automatically added to the nosy list whenever new issues
are created (or when keywords are added to existing issues).

A detector could then be created to do the rest of the work. 

This would could form an alternative to the python-bugs and the
python-new-bugs mailing lists for people that only want information
about specific areas. 

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