[Tracker-discuss] Roundup installed

Izak Burger izak at upfrontsystems.co.za
Sun Nov 12 08:44:03 CET 2006

Hi guys,

Actually Roche jumped the gun a bit by saying that the tracker was 
"ready".  It was my first mod-python/apache setup and I wanted to get 
that right first, which means I did the minimum (literally only entered 
values for settings that had NO DEFAULT) to get the tracker working with 
the intention of fixing it later.  This is why the email address was 
wrong for example.

I've been a bit busy over the weekend though.  Had some family over and 
there was the usual weekly shopping and things like that.

I apologise if I could not always respond in a timely fashion (or at 
all).  It seems you guys got it sorted though.  I promise to look at any 
outstanding issues on Monday.


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