[Tracker-discuss] schema ideas

Stefan Seefeld seefeld at sympatico.ca
Tue Nov 14 04:17:10 CET 2006

Martin v. Löwis wrote:
> Stefan Seefeld schrieb:
>> * I'd like to add a 'severity'. A severity reflects the impact this
>>   issue has on the user. The 'priority' is a ranking to be done by
>>   developers, not users, and should be read-only for users.
> This should come with precise guidelines of what value to use in what
> cases. Users are unlikely to fill out such a field, even in presence
> of clear guidelines (unless filling out the value is enforced, in which
> case they will give each issue the highest possible severity).

Heh, indeed. Yes, concise and clear help is important. The goal is not
to dilute the semantics by adding new properties, but by providing properties
that better map to users' / developers' vocabulary.
Thus, I think it would already be helpful to not use numerical values
(such as priority 1 .. 10), but instead use adjectives such as 'critical',
'major', 'minor', etc.

For example, at CodeSourcery we use a variety of bug trackers, all with
a severity attribute with enumerators

critical: "This issue leaves you completely unable to make progress"
serious:  "This issue is causing substantial impact to your progress, but a workaround exists."
mild:     "This issue is merely an annoyance, not preventing progress."

priorities may exist, too, but, as I said, are merely a means to assist
developers to prioritize their work, and thus, aren't displayed to users.

Anyway, as suggested earlier, I'm holding back more schema-related
suggestions until we have a live tracker to play with, and all interested
people are subscribed to the meta-tracker.

>> * Speaking of which, I'd like to know whether it wouldn't be meaningful
>>   to introduce a 'Developer' role. I'm not familiar enough with python's
>>   development model, but I'd expect it to allow the distinction between
>>   'user' and 'developer'. For example, bugs can only be assigned to
>>   developers, and certain changes can only be made by developers.
> Currently, there is a group of people which are members of the SF python
> project, and SF classifies them as "developers". Those are the ones that
> bugs can be assigned to. By tradition, each of them has nearly full
> access rights to the tracker, with the reasoning that they all have
> (had) CVS commit access, which is a higher privilege. The only thing
> they can't do is to change the "schema" (ie. the value list of
> enumerated types, and the creation of new trackers); you have to be
> admin to do that.

Excellent, that gives us three types of users, all with different
access rights to the tracker. Again: the goal here is not to make things
more complex than necessary, but instead to simplify the UI by removing
items / transitions that aren't meaningful or valid anyway.



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