[Tracker-discuss] schema ideas

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Tue Nov 14 20:30:44 CET 2006

Stefan Seefeld schrieb:
>> Some of the other thing should get high priority to be implemented
>> before the new tracker goes life: those features that are currently
>> available in the SF tracker and heavily used. For these, I see
>> - email notifications
> What kind of notification is currently sent out ? 

There is a message on each change to python-bugs-list, a message to
all members of SF's "nosy list" (which are all people who ever posted
a comment), and a message to the assigned-to person (when an assignment
is made, when a new message is added and there is already somebody
assigned, and when a new issue is submitted and it gets auto-assigned).

> (Note: it's quite trivial to make roundup do that, too.)

I'm quite sure it is - I just wanted to mention as an essential
aspect that should be done before the tracker goes life (although
it is technically possible to do it afterwards also)

>> - SF redirector
> What is that ?

Currently, http://python.org/sf/<bugid> gets you to the SF
page; try http://python.org/sf/1593751

People use that a lot because it is short than the SF URLs.
It also has a query syntax, e.g. used in the "SourceForge"
box at


This syntax is http://python.org/sf?id=1593751

Notice that this also used in various browser plugins.

After the conversion, it should refer to the equivalent
roundup page; the bugid should stay the same even if
the import renumbers them. To implement that, a static
mapping could be used: there won't be any new SF bugs
after the conversion is completed.

For new bugs, it would be desirable if a short,
stable URL could be available out-of-the-box, like

>> - weekly summary
> That's straight forward to implement with the roundup API.
> Can you point me to such a summary ? I could add a reporter
> script that does the same with the new tracker.


I think Kurt (B. Kaiser) can provide the source code of the
current script if desired. Notice that it also uses the
SF redirector (I keep mentioning it because it's my doing :-)


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