[Tracker-discuss] schema ideas

Georg Brandl g.brandl at gmx.net
Wed Nov 15 18:13:10 CET 2006

Stefan Seefeld schrieb:
> Anthony Baxter wrote:
>> Speaking for myself - we use priorities to mark "stuff which needs 
>> to be looked at before release X.Y" and the like. This could, and 
>> should, be better implemented using keywords.
> What's the advantage of using keywords for this instead of a more
> structured approach where the bug either has a property of type
> 'target version', or where there is another entity 'release' or 'milestone'
> that refers to all bugs to be closed ?
> The latter has the advantage of being more expressive, so you could
> form more complex queries more easily (either online, or when
> generating reports, etc.).

The milestone concept is already weakly used with the SourceForge groups.
IMO it's a good concept, helps you keep track of which bugs should be closed
before which release. Together with a priority/type classification (showstopper,
major bug, minor bug, nuisance, enhancement request), there might be a better
possibility to establish guidelines on which bugs must be looked at before


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