[Tracker-discuss] schema ideas

Stefan Seefeld seefeld at sympatico.ca
Wed Nov 15 19:30:08 CET 2006

Paul Dubois wrote:
> FWIW I added a 'Due Date' to our tracker by following the example in the
> Roundup guide. However, I decided not to use an actual date field but
> rather strings, so that you can have due dates like "v2.6", "ASAP", and
> "2Q 2007"; the problem with real dates was that releases do not tend to
> have stable dates. Using the ordering attribute you can control the
> order of the groups in a custom search by due date. I added a permission
> class to give to those special managers allowed to create new 'due dates'.

The problem I can see with using strings here is that there is nothing
that enforces a particular value, i.e. if you type 'V1,1' but you actually
meant 'V1.1' there is no validation, though your bug never shows up if
you query for all bugs due by release V1.1.
Using links to join a 'bug' and a 'milestone' (or 'release') table is
thus less error-prone, and easier to query.

(The same would be true if we started to track bugs against particular
branches, at which point a 'branch' property would probably make sense,



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