[Tracker-discuss] Generating reports from the database

Paul Dubois pfdubois at gmail.com
Tue Nov 21 22:12:26 CET 2006

I'm helping with the conversion of the Python tracker to Roundup. One of the
side tasks they do now is use a script to generate a report on the number of
open bugs and those issues that have been opened, closed, etc. since the
last (weekly) report. They do this mostly by generating an email to an
account with each issue change and they parse that email.

That's possible for Roundup but it seems like an odd solution to me. Other
ways I can think of: a Roundup detector that writes the summary as it goes
along, and / or a Python script that generates the report using database
queries, or in the case of something like postgresql, using some report
generating capability in the database itself. I'm not a database guy, so I'm
unsure about the difficulty, performance, etc.

Any thoughts? Somebody please write and tell me you already have one.
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