[Tracker-discuss] Feature/Change request handling procedure

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Sun Nov 26 19:12:42 CET 2006

Stefan Seefeld schrieb:
> Well, by default, <issue> in roundup is spelled <issue_class_name><id>
> i.e. 'issue35', or 'bug266'. If you don't want that we have to play with
> apache rewrite rules.

I would appreciate that, yes; it doesn't have to work that way from
the beginning, though. There must be stable, minimal URLs for issues
IMO because people will type them by hand, or at least copy them
from their web browser.

It may be that http://bugs.python.org/roundup/issue234782 would
be considered as "short enough" by others, so don't take my word
as definitive.


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