[Tracker-discuss] Schema

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Mon Nov 27 09:44:13 CET 2006

Paul Dubois schrieb:
> and suggestions were made about how to deal with blockers. So to sum up
> what Martin and others have said, they do not use priorities except for
> this pre-release period.

I forgot to mention another use case for priorities: some developers
use them to prioritize things for themselves. Some of my issues have
priority 7, indicating that these are the ones I want to look at next.
(priority 8 is used for "please really work on it for the next release",
and 9 is "blocker").

>  Here is another idea for this then: don't have a priority but do have a
> check box or yes/no (probably visible, or at least writeable, by
> Developers) that says something like 'Needed for next release if at all
> possible'. Then a simple search will find all such issues that are still
> open, etc.

That would also work, IMO.

> C. Question: did someone say we should have this platform thing? Since a
> platform-dependent bug is probably less frequent than one that is not,
> we at least have to make platform-independent the default.

(can't look at the demo tracker right now)

It's true that platform-specific bugs are rare; they typically involve
either Apple OS X or MS Windows (and often are packaging problems).
It would be good to be able to search for Windows bugs; I don't think
anybody wants to search for HP-UX-specific problems.

Grouping these two platforms with a list of functional groups (like
regular expressions, XML) might work just fine: a bug in one of these
functional groups is typically not platform-specific.


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