[Tracker-discuss] Feature/Change request handling procedure

Stefan Seefeld seefeld at sympatico.ca
Thu Nov 30 20:25:48 CET 2006

Martin v. Löwis wrote:
> Stefan Seefeld schrieb:
>> How would you tag patches (attachments, generally) to decide / indicate
>> whether it actually contains a patch and not some other content, and whether
>> it really fixes the bug ? Doesn't this involve at least some developer
>> interaction anyway, at which point we could simply set a 'contains fix'
>> flag that would be part of the bug type, or absorb into the status
>> enumeration as 'fix_provided_but_needs_testing', as suggested earlier ?
> I have no preference here. Having a "patch" tag might work; classifying
> attachments as patches might also work. Typically, *all* patches in
> "open" submissions still need review: if they are successfully reviewed,
> the patch gets either accepted or rejected; if accepted, it gets
> committed and the issue closed. So I don't see the need to distinguish
> between "has patch" and "has working patch". If the patch is not
> acceptable as-is, the submitter may be asked to rework it. I had
> no need to filter for that status: if I open the issue, I can easily
> see that it is still in the feedback phase (and reject the patch
> if the submitter is unresponsive).


sorry I dropped the ball here. I'm not sure I completely understand, so let
me suggest two concrete procedures. May be that will help us move forward:

1) additional status enumeration

new -> open -> needs_review -> needs_feedback -> closed

* An assignee opens the issue, finds it has a patch attached, and puts the issue
  into the 'needs_review' state.

* After a successfull review, the patch gets applied, and the issue is closed.

* Alternatively, the patch is rejected, so the issue goes into either
  'needs_feedback' if the submitter is asked to rework the patch, or into
  'closed' (with resolution set to 'invalid', 'rejected', or some such).

* The 'needs_feedback' would be the pending state we have been talking about,
  with an associated timer to make sure the issue can be closed if the submitter
  is unresponsive.

Of course, the status may also change from 'open' to 'needs_feedback'
or 'closed' directly, if either there is no attachment at all, or it is
reviewed quickly.

2) a boolean 'contains patch' flag

The issue would have a 'contains patch' flag that can either be set by the
submitter, or by an assignee after he verified that an attachment is in fact
a patch. As Paul pointed out, it may be simpler to not expose this flag to
submitters at all, since, if used the mail gateway, the flag would be (almost)
unaccessible anyway.
This version doesn't cover the handling of the 'needs feedback' status yet.

In terms of schema / workflow complexity, the two are roughly equivalent,
though the first is a bit more expressive. (In the second scenario, can the
'contains patch' flag be unset ? How does the assignee mark that the patch needs
to be reworked ? Etc.)

I leave it up to you (or any other python-dev folks) to choose, or propose
other alternatives.



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