[Tracker-discuss] Reminder: please review tracker schema !

Stefan Seefeld seefeld at sympatico.ca
Thu Nov 30 22:14:32 CET 2006

Paul Dubois wrote:
> It isn't reasonable to expect users to use the web page; in fact it is
> roundup's big advantage that they do not. Perhaps your working situation
> is different, but for us this fact was the one single thing that made
> Roundup work where other bug trackers had failed.

Yes, yes, I think we all agree that the mail gateway is a Good Thing.

I'm not sure, though, what we are arguing about now, given that we
seem to agree *not* to use a 'has_patch' flag, but instead use the
status to control the work-flow, i.e. let assignees look at an attachment
in order to triage the issue.

Am I missing something ?


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