[Tracker-discuss] Reminder: please review tracker schema !

Paul Dubois pfdubois at gmail.com
Thu Nov 30 22:57:43 CET 2006

Yes, Stefan, the discussion about submitting issues by email, is now
orthogonal to your patch idea. I like the solution you came up with.

Brett, the 'people' who are saying that the email gateway won't be used very
much seems to consist so far of two people, one of whom at least has no
experience with Roundup. Although this point is moot for this particular
issue (patch flag), it is relevant to the schema design in general. We have
to be prepared for an email submitter, who is in some degree similar to a
lazy web submitter, who isn't going to touch anything they don't have to

My sysadmins have three ways to tell them you need services, in this order
of preference.
    a. Use their website
    b. Email them
    c. Phone them or catch them in the hall
Guess what order really happens. (:->
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