[Tracker-discuss] Tracker for web-related issues

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Tue Apr 24 23:28:06 CEST 2007

>> Did anyone ever create a tracker for issues relating to the Python web
>> site?
> Not that I know of.
>> If not, can we please create a tracker instance for that?
> Eventually, definitely.  Right now, it's up to the admins if they want
> to tackle that now or wait until after the switch-over.
> Either way we should probably figure out how best to handle multiple
> Roundup instances as I am sure the number of projects that want
> trackers is just going to grow and we will end up with several (meta,
> python-dev, web, pycon-tech, possibly other ones like Stackless,
> Roundup itself if they wanted, Jython, etc.).  Should probably write
> down what we require of a group to provide: an admin, we just launch a
> vanilla instance or do we help them customize, etc.

I agree that an admin should be necessary. That admin needs to make
a number of decisions:
- what URL the tracker should be available on?
- what mailing list get new issues be sent to? changes to existing
- what From address should the tracker use to send such email?
- what, if any, email address should the tracker use for incoming
  email (such as follow-ups to existing issue)?
  Notice that "None" is an answer that roundup die-hards cannot
  accept: some people strongly believe that the primary value
  of roundup originates from the support for email follow-up.
- what, if any, changes from the standard schema should be
- what people fall into the "developers" category?

I'd be in favour of getting these steps done for the pydotorg
tracker, to see how it works out. I understand that it doesn't
have the data migration issues that bugs.python.org has, so it
should be easy


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