[Tracker-discuss] Is our Roundup instance applicable to other organizations?

Erik Forsberg forsberg at efod.se
Mon Aug 27 22:06:37 CEST 2007

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skip at pobox.com writes:

> The XEmacs folks currently have no issue tracker and are starting to think
> about installing something.  I mentioned on the xemacs-beta mailing list
> over the weekend that you all have gone through a substantial period of
> customization to make it sing and dance to our tune.  Would it be
> appropriate as-is for other organizations' use?  


>Other than skin/theme issues is there much that's truly
>Python-specific about the Python issue tracker?

No. Here's a small list of things that need attention:

1) The initial data loaded into the tracker when the instance is
   initalized is very python-specific, but also easy to change - it's
   all in initial_date.py in the tracker home directory.

   This data is used only once (at tracker init), so keeping it under
   version control might not be neccesary.

2) Obviously, the stylesheets need to be changed. This is all done by
   editing files in the html/ directory - page.html and some of the
   help-related files need change.

3) We're currently running bugs.python.org off a slightly modified
   roundup so some of the feature we have won't work on an official
   release of roundup. As soon as I get the time, I'll start getting
   the changes into the stock roundup.

Except for the above, I think the instance we've created should be a
very good candidate for a public bug tracker for an open source
project. Some fields may be missing for some use cases - for example,
there's no 'milestone' field, but as the tracker is built on roundup,
an extra field is very easy to add.

> If some changes were necessary would it be out of the question for
> a subset of the XEmacs folks to gain commit access to our Subversion
> repository and just operate on a branch?

Someone else will have to answer that question. 

> Or is there be a better way for them to start from what we are now
> using and avoid much of the effort that folks like Erik, Martin and
> others have expended to get the Python issue tracker to its current
> usable state?

I'm thinking that maybe the instance we've created should be
"de-pythonized" and placed into the roundup CVS repo. as a template
for others to use. 

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