[Tracker-discuss] [issue141] Should send email on assignment

Georg Brandl metatracker at psf.upfronthosting.co.za
Fri Aug 31 08:23:21 CEST 2007

Georg Brandl added the comment:

Erik Forsberg schrieb:

> Personally, I believe that people in common expect a mail for every
> change. I definitely prefer it that way. If I have "subscribed" (added
> myself to the nosy) for an issue, I definitely want to know things
> like "Ah, someone got assigned to it - that's good, that means someone
> cares" or "Aha, bug also present in Python version X.Y". 

Indeed. Also, I'd have expected that in this matter, the preference of the
main *users* of the tracker outweighs the preference of the *admins*.

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