[Tracker-discuss] Submitting bugs by mail seems not to be working

skip at pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Wed Dec 19 18:07:25 CET 2007

    >> I've tried three times today to submit a bug report and patch via
    >> email.  As far as I can tell all three simply dropped off the face of
    >> the earth.
    >> Looking at my tracker details it looks like my valid emails are
    >> skip at pobox.com and skip.montanaro at gmail.com.  I added
    >> skip.montanaro at python.org, but not before submitting the third
    >> report.
    >> Am I missing something or is submitting by email either not supported
    >> or broken?

    Georg> I can see two new reports on the announce list - #1659 and #1660.

I see them now as well.  I closed #1660.  #1659 says I created it at
09:17:30.  I sent the mail for that at 09:02:34.  Maybe I was just expecting
too immediate of a response.

Final question...  It's clear that mail sent to bugs at python.org does not
forward to report at bugs.python.org.  At the same time it doesn't bounce.
Where does that email alias go?  Can we get it to redirect to
report at bugs.python.org?  It's a very logical name for the email bug
reporting address.


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