[Tracker-discuss] Please test tracker!

Erik Forsberg forsberg at efod.se
Mon Jan 15 08:32:07 CET 2007


The weekend was very productive - the list of showstopper issues left in the 
metatracker is now much shorter than before.

We're now at a stage where we'd like the people on this list to go ahead and 
test the tracker, to make sure we catch as many brown paper-bag bugs as 
possible before going for a larger test announced on python-dev.

http://psf.upfronthosting.co.za/roundup/meta/msg330 has some ideas on what to 
test, but I'm sure you can come up with more ideas. Please tell the list what 
you've tested, and what does and doesn't work. For the latter, please file 
issues in the meta tracker, and set the priority to 'bug' if you think the 
problem you've found is a showstopper.


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