[Tracker-discuss] [issue56] Make bugs.python.org point to the roundup tracker

Martin v. Löwis metatracker at psf.upfronthosting.co.za
Mon Jan 15 23:15:12 CET 2007

Martin v. Löwis added the comment:

Erik Forsberg schrieb:
> Thinking about the idea of hosting more than the python-dev tracker,
> we should decide if we want the url of the tracker we're currently
> working on to be 'http://issues.python.org/' (or
> 'http://bugs.python.org/'), or if it should perhaps be something like
> 'http://issues.python.org/python-dev/', which would leave room for
> other trackers to appear in a natural way (i.e.,
> 'http://issues.python.org/jython', etc.).
> Just a thought. Personally, I don't care - I'm not a daily user of the
> python issue database.

The canonical URLs should be as short as possible. I also think nobody
will remember that it's "issues.python.org"; people will prefer
"bugs.python.org" even though it's not technically correct (I personally
dislike "issues.python.org" *because* that is technically correct;
I despise correctness for merely political reasons (i.e. PC)).


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