[Tracker-discuss] [issue80] Need controls for stopping the tracker for maintenance.

Paul Dubois metatracker at psf.upfronthosting.co.za
Tue Jan 16 05:24:03 CET 2007

New submission from Paul Dubois <pfdubois at gmail.com>:

To maintain the tracker we will need to be able to start and stop it ourselves.

When we stop it, we need to have something appear saying the tracker is down for

We also need to be able to start roundup on a side port so that we can test it
before making it live again. The number of users being so large, we must assume
the tracker is always being modifed when it is available. Ideally, the procedure
would ensure that the main tracker was halted, then halt the alternative when it
was time to switch back. 

This is possibly overkill but I don't think so. I've had times where I exported
a tracker to a test site, everything worked, but when I put it in the 'real'
tracker something failed. 

At the least, we need the ability to stop/start (a la server-ctl) *ourselves*
and to have something nice appear when things are stopped.

messages: 378
nosy: brettcannon, dubois, forsberg, izak, roche, stefan
priority: urgent
status: unread
title: Need controls for stopping the tracker for maintenance.

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