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Erik Forsberg forsberg at efod.se
Tue Jan 16 07:54:57 CET 2007

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"Brett Cannon" <brett at python.org> writes:

> I just wanted to find out who is going to be able to make users a
> Developer?  Or how about removing keywords, adding new versions, or
> editing the components list?

In addition to the 'User' and 'Developer' roles, there is also the
'Coordinator' role, which, if I read the permissions part of the
schema correctly, can edit for example keywords, versions, etc. 

Stefan did most of the schema design, so he'll have to correct me if
I'm wrong.

When it comes to being able to add roles to user, I'm not entirely
sure how it works right now. We need to investigate that, but I think
it's a good idea to make it possible for Coordinators to add the
Developer role to people that are only User. 

> Is all of that going to need to go through you guys (Erik, Stefan, and
> Paul)? 

I hope not :-).

> I assume that is all schema stuff and thus you guys are the
> only ones who can play with that.

Nope, most of it is not schema, but instances of classes, editable
through the web given the right permissions. Permissions coding (i.e.,
"Coordinator should be able to do that and that") is schema stuff,
though, but that will probably not need change very often. 

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