[Tracker-discuss] Ready for Prime Time?

Brett Cannon brett at python.org
Mon Jan 29 20:59:06 CET 2007

On 1/29/07, Erik Forsberg <forsberg at efod.se> wrote:
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> Hi!
> With the list of showstoppers in the meta database reduced to two
> issues, both of which are of the type which can't be closed until
> we've gone into production, I think it's time to start thinking about
> going live.
> Some thoughts;
> * Do we need a public beta period to allow people not on this list to
>   test the tracker?
>   In my opinion, we should avoid this as I'm afraid it will to lots of
>   issues that are seen as showstoppers by people. Better handle these
>   problems as they come - after all, this tracker is supposed to be
>   much better than the current tracker, so we should start using it
>   ASAP.

I agree.  We will just get bogged down in people screaming for some
little feature they want.  If people want something they can post here
and we can work it out.  Plus we told people who were interested to
join this list when it was created.

At worst we can tell people they have until the launch to log any
complaints but that it must be hashed through this list and it cannot
hold up the launch.

> * What kind of documentation needs to be written? And who volunteers
>   to do it? :-)

Basic guidelines of how we expect new bugs and patches to be handled
in terms of how to set the various fields (both for people reporting
and developers).  We can initially write them in the python.org wiki
so we can all contribute.

> * In what steps, and when, do we run the final conversion? The
>   conversion process looks something like this:
>   0. (Only in final conversion) Lock sf tracker down, if possible.

I think Martin said this is doable.

>   1. Get a fresh copy of the xml backup from sf.net. Takes 10-15 minutes.
>   2. Transfer to psf. 5 minutes.
>   3. Run conversion. Takes about an hour.
>   4. Done.
>   Some hostname fiddling somewhere inbetween, or before, to get
>   bugs.python.org to point to the right IP.

Do we have a way to lock down the Roundup instance during the
conversion so people don't jump the gun?  Or do we just take the whole
thing down and not bring it back up until it's ready to accept new

And how about setting the developer bit on people's accounts?  Are we
doing that on a request basis or just scraping the SF page and letting
all of those accounts get set up?  Either way we need to doc
something; how to request the bit or recover your SF account as a
Roundup account, respectively.

>   I'm willing to do the conversion work. You python-dev people will
>   have to come with some feedback on when and how to do it.

When we feel we have the process down and the docs written I will ask
python-dev when they are up for doing the transfer (have to make sure
it doesn't happen around 2.5.1's release).

I'm all excited that this is actually going to happen!  Hopefully we
can have this done by PyCon so it can be said we all got this finished
in less than a year since the infrastructure committee was given the
task to do this.  But it is no big deal if we don't; I do not want to
rush this.


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