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Erik Forsberg metatracker at psf.upfronthosting.co.za
Fri Jul 27 19:14:52 CEST 2007

Erik Forsberg added the comment:

An anti-spam system based on SpamBayes have now been
implemented. Here's how it works:

*) When a msg or file instance is created, it is sent to a spambayes
   XMLRPC server running on psf, listening to localhost. 

*) Spambayes assigns a score. This is stored in an property
   (spambayes_score) on the msg/file instance.

*) If there's an error talking to the SpamBayes server, the msg/file
   will be let through, with the spambayes_misclassified boolean
   property set to True.

*) Msg/file instances that have a spambayes_score higher than the
   spambayes_threshold value are marked as spam. Their contents are
   not visible to anonymous users.

*) There's two buttons available on each msg/file instance's page
   (note: currently not in the issue view, you have to click the
   'edit' link for file instances, and the link on the msg number for
   msg instances) that allows Coordinators to reclassify messages as
   spam or ham. This reclassification also trains SpamBayes, again by
   talking to the XMLRPC server.

   Example location where you can train a file: 

   Example location where you can train a msg:

   Note: You need to be logged in as a user with the Coordinator role
   to see the buttons.

Some small issues (that can wait) remain, see this list:


Currently, the spambayes database is not very well trained, as there
were not much spam available (it was lost when I made a reimport with
the new importer a few days ago). This is probably the first time I
actually want some spam.. :-).

This system has been implemented both for the python-dev instance and
for the meta tracker.

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