[Tracker-discuss] Update on switch-over "stuff"

Erik Forsberg forsberg at efod.se
Mon Mar 12 21:04:43 CET 2007

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"Martin v. Löwis" <martin at v.loewis.de> writes:

> Erik Forsberg schrieb:
>>    1.   Put warning into current installation that it is no longer live.
>>    What does "current installation" in the step above refer to? Maybe
>>    that's a stupid question, but it's not entirely clear to me.
> "No longer" is confusing. See issue86: the note should say that the
> current demo installation is not life. This is fairly urgent.

Ah. With that change, the proposed list of tasks make much more sense
to me.

I just fixed issue86. 

>> Is your idea that we execute steps 1-4 *now* as a testing phase and
>> then proceed to go live after the two weeks in step 5.?
> That's my proposal, yes. "two weeks" may be a bit optimistic, as Brett
> suggests (reasonably) to wait after 2.5.1 is released, but depending
> on how long steps 1..4 take, we should wait atleast two weeks.

OK. Let's go for a trial period - but, we definitely need to be very
hard when it comes to letting an issue with the tracker become a
showstopper. Unless an issue is really a big problem for a lot of
people, let's not let it stop the transition. 

> See issue86: if we switch bugs.python.org now, we may have to preserve
> bugs.python.org/<id> in the process, i.e. redirecting it to SF. Notice
> that this is different from bug.python.org/issue<id>, so I think the
> two can coexist.

This has also been fixed (except for the DNS change, of course)

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