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Skip Montanaro metatracker at psf.upfronthosting.co.za
Tue Mar 20 22:10:15 CET 2007

Skip Montanaro added the comment:

I don't understand how to get on the nosy list for an item and the text in
the roundup user guide seems a bit obfuscated to me.

    Roundup watches for additions to the "messages" property of items.

    When a new message is added, it is sent to all the users on the "nosy"
    list for the item that are not already on the "recipients" list of the
    message. Those users are then appended to the "recipients" property on
    the message, so multiple copies of a message are never sent to the same
    user. The journal recorded by the hyperdatabase on the "recipients"
    property then provides a log of when the message was sent to whom.

    If the author of the message is also in the nosy list for the item that
    the message is attached to, then the config var MESSAGES_TO_AUTHOR is
    queried to determine if they get a nosy list copy of the message too.

What does that mean in plain English?  Shouldn't it say somewhere, "To be
added to the nosy list for an issue <do this>"?


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