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Paul Dubois added the comment:

If you contribute to an item you'll be added to the nosy list.

Web interface: If you wish to add yourself to the nosy list for an
issue, you just add your name to the list. You don't have to add a
message. You submit the change, that's it.

On 3/20/07, Skip Montanaro <metatracker at psf.upfronthosting.co.za> wrote:
> Skip Montanaro added the comment:
> I don't understand how to get on the nosy list for an item and the text in
> the roundup user guide seems a bit obfuscated to me.
>     Roundup watches for additions to the "messages" property of items.
>     When a new message is added, it is sent to all the users on the "nosy"
>     list for the item that are not already on the "recipients" list of the
>     message. Those users are then appended to the "recipients" property on
>     the message, so multiple copies of a message are never sent to the same
>     user. The journal recorded by the hyperdatabase on the "recipients"
>     property then provides a log of when the message was sent to whom.
>     If the author of the message is also in the nosy list for the item that
>     the message is attached to, then the config var MESSAGES_TO_AUTHOR is
>     queried to determine if they get a nosy list copy of the message too.
> What does that mean in plain English?  Shouldn't it say somewhere, "To be
> added to the nosy list for an issue <do this>"?
> Skip
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