[Tracker-discuss] [issue105] Dealing with spam

Izak Burger metatracker at psf.upfronthosting.co.za
Thu Mar 22 08:46:52 CET 2007

Izak Burger added the comment:

Paul Dubois wrote:
> It is important in my mind that this discussion not focus just on the
> "issues" and messages, since it is only a rogue user that can cause
> trouble. If no rogue users get registered, no trouble. And a rogue
> user can cause other trouble, not just spam.

Agreed.  Something else I felt I should mention is that rogue users can 
also harvest email addresses.  I see this sort of thing on the debian 
bugtracker: I accidentally posted a bug report from the wrong email 
account a couple of months ago and almost immediately started receiving 
spam on that address.  Just another reason to keep them out.

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