[Tracker-discuss] [issue105] Dealing with spam

Skip Montanaro metatracker at psf.upfronthosting.co.za
Thu Mar 22 14:18:21 CET 2007

Skip Montanaro added the comment:

Martin> I'd still like to see my patch tried out which prevents
    Martin> registrations if the form submission comes too quickly. If that
    Martin> turns out to fail, I would upgrade to a CAPTCHA for user
    Martin> registration.

I was thinking of using a CAPTCHA for the Mojam/Musi-Cal submission forms
before I settled on the SpamBayes solution.  I asked about them on
python-list (I hadn't heard the CAPTCHA acronym at that point):


Steve D'Aprano's and Ben Finney's replies refer to limitations with
CAPTCHAs.  From my perspective the SpamBayes fix was simpler because I could
make changes to just one place in my code and not have to edit multiple
submission forms and their call entry points to add extra parameters.


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