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Erik Forsberg added the comment:

> > Apparently, I did not make myself clear, either. I do fully
> > understand what the old and the new behavior is. The issue here
> > seems to be that the new behavior is slightly different from what
> > Paul describes: in the new behavior, the trailing indicators may be
> > empty in certain cases, which is apparently what Guido complains
> > about (not that they say "System message", not that they are
> > generated in the first place, but that that they *simply* say
> > "System message" and nothing else).
> Right. Though it would also be helpful if the user who made the change
> (if there is one) is named as the sender. And instead of "System
> message" it could say something like "Attribute change". But these are
> minor -- I wouldn't have brought this up if there weren't system
> messages without change indicators.

I've modified the detector that sends out mail to nosy list,
python-bugs-list and new-bugs-announce. The mails will now contain a
section that lists the URLs of added and removed files.

The behaviour is unfortunately not completely consistent for all cases
- roundup does need some improvement in the code that sends messages.
Some oddities:

*) The message sent out when a file is added or removed (now) always
contains a link to the file.

*) If there is a change note in the change _and_ a file is added _and_
the recipient gets the mail because he/she is on the nosy list, the
file is also attached to the mail. 

*) Files are never attached to mail destined for
python-bugs-list/new-bugs-announce - they only gets links.

A bit confusing, but hopefully not too confusing. There's been some
talk about improving the mail sending code in roundup lately, so
hopefully, it will be possible to make this less confusing in the

The "System message" message and admin as sender will be replaced with
real user names when we upgrade to the next (yet to be released)
version of roundup.

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