[Tracker-discuss] [issue156] Have a Core Bug Chaser Create a Bug Reporting Screencast

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Brett C. added the comment:

This should probably wait until we redesign the workflow of the issue
tracker.  Once people have experience with it and all initial bugs are
worked (and Erik is ready for more trouble  =) out I plan to bring up
with python-dev the question of how we want our bugs to look instead
of continuing to force ourselves to work within SF's issue workflow.

On 9/13/07, Jeff Rush <metatracker at psf.upfronthosting.co.za> wrote:
> New submission from Jeff Rush:
> To help those who want to help fix/report bugs, have someone experienced with
> the system record 5-minute "How to Report a Bug" and a "How to Find a Bug to
> Tackle" screencasts.
> When I go to bugs.python.org and search for things to help with, I'm overwhelmed
> with the query options and am not sure where to start.  This is the kind of
> thing a screencast is good for and a written document/wiki page is bad for.
> Might also expand the screencast a bit, in that do one for tech-writers, teach
> briefly how the doc tools work, then how to find an unfixed doc bug to work,
> then how to submit their finished work into the system for integration.
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