[Tracker-discuss] [issue158] multi-line From headers in outgoing mail break PINE

Skip Montanaro metatracker at psf.upfronthosting.co.za
Wed Sep 19 20:49:20 CEST 2007

Skip Montanaro added the comment:

>> I received a complaint from Dennis Allison that the tracker sends
    >> email with multiline From headers, which (he thinks) are disallowed
    >> by the RFC and in any case cause problems with his PINE email reader

    Erik> Yes, this has been recorded as issue147 in the meta tracker. In the
    Erik> last message of this issue, I asked Dennis to provide an example
    Erik> message. I'm still waiting for a reply. 

    Erik> I'm also not convinced the from lines produced by roundup are
    Erik> forbidden by RFC.

Though to play nicely in the sandbox Roundup should be strict in what it
produces and Pine should be forgiving in what it accepts.

The From_ (as opposed to the From:) header of the message I'm responding to
is 96 characters long and was not wrapped.  Is it possible that Roundup is
doing the right thing but that some misbehaving MTA between Roundup and
Dennis is doing the line wrapping he sees?


status: resolved -> chatting

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