[Tracker-discuss] Creating a Jython tracker

Georg Brandl georg at python.org
Sun Feb 3 22:24:37 CET 2008

Brett Cannon schrieb:
> On Feb 3, 2008 10:02 AM, "Martin v. Löwis" <martin at v.loewis.de> wrote:
>> > So, are we in a position to set up a Jython tracker?  For simplicity,
>> > we could probably assume that the bug-handling workflow will be the
>> > same as Python's and use the same schema, detectors, etc.  I'd expect
>> > the most labor-intensive step would be importing the old SF bugs.
>> I could work on that over the next week(s). It would be best
>> if I could get admin rights on the tracker, so that I could run
>> the exporter myself. I would then produce a demo installation, so
>> people can check whether it looks correctly.
>> A few other things that need to be decided:
>> - what URL should that tracker use? who needs to set up DNS so that
>>    it works?
>> - what is the email submission address?
>>    (the DNS person would also have to make the upfronthosting machine
>>     the mail exchanger for that domain)
>> - what email messages should be sent to what addresses under what
>>    conditions, and who should be the sender?
>> I'll probably need help from upfronthosting for the SMTP stuff, and
>> somebody's help for the DNS stuff; the rest I can do on my own (unless
>> I forgot something).
> I really need to get off my ass and write up that announcement that we
> need more tracker admins.

Can you add that we need more people actually fixing issues from the
tracker too? :)


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