[Tracker-discuss] [issue184] Create a tracker instance for jython

Charlie Groves metatracker at psf.upfronthosting.co.za
Sun Feb 10 01:07:35 CET 2008

Charlie Groves added the comment:

>I don't understand. What are "the remaining items", what is "uniformly",
>and what is "the version when an issue was resolved"?

I'm referring to the Versions field that came from groups on Sourceforge.  These
are the values right now:
   Fixed in 2.1a3
   Fixed in 2.1b1
   Fixed in 2.1b2
   Fixed in 2.1final
   Fixed in 2.2a0
   targeted for 2.2.1rc1
   targeted for 2.2beta1
   targeted for 2.2beta2
   targeted for 2.2rc1
   targeted for 2.2rc2
   targeted for 2.2rc3
   test failure causes

I'd like to take anything that has the version "test failure causes", give it a
keyword of the same name, and unset its version value.  Then we could delete the
"test failure causes" version and the values for versions would "uniformly" be

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